Episode 20 – Business Finances and Tax 101 AKA The Winter of Your Discontent is Always

We’re approaching spring ( it’s snowing so much ) and you know what that means….MANY STRESSFUL HOURS OF DOING YOUR TAXES! But it doesn’t have to be stressful, we’re here and we’re fun so maybe business finances and taxes can be fun too, right? Amirite? Yeah? We’re here to answer simple questions like, how do I keep track of my income? Do I need an accountant? Do I have to charge tax as a small business in Canada, and when do I HAVE to? WILL IT EVER STOP SNOWING EVER?? No.

PS: Sam’s audio decided to be so hot today it blew her out of the sky. Sorry for that! Clare cleaned it up as best she could given the time, but hopefully you still listen, Sam’s got some hot business tips for you.



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