Episode 17 – Grants 101 AKA Commit to the Bit!

Grants! Fellowships! Money! What does it all mean?

As an indie artist or writer, you’ve probably heard that there are funds out there that could help you get your project off the ground—but BY GUM, where do you start? What grants are available and for how much? What do you need in order to apply? Are you even eligible? Or would it be better to walk through some standing stones and fall through time and churn butter until you reach the ripe old age of forty-two and say NAY to grabbing Federal Arts Funding at all?!

**deep breath**

Don’t worry, the Business BFFs got you covered. Both Sam and Clare have applied for, and even received arts grants in their fields, so they’ll tell you how to start, where to look, and pass along some hot tips for making your grant proposal shine with their behind-the-curtain insights!


Panel One Comics Festival
Canada Council for the Arts
National Endowment for the Arts
Wolf Cop Movies
Scion of the Fox

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