Episode 12 – How to Book Launch AKA I Don’t Expect Wine

“My book is coming out, time to throw the biggest party, invite the media, and have very high expectations about who is going to come!”

Well, prepare to have those expectations dashed – because what happens if NO ONE SHOWS UP?! Clare and Sam discuss the different book launches they’ve attended, to the fun laid-back house parties to an all-out magical circus. There’s no wrong way to launch your book, but there sure are wrong ways to show up and act during your book launch! Don’t worry, we won’t rate your event badly on Book Launch Yelp (TM). Also, it’s okay if you don’t have wine. I GUESS. 😉

Things Mentioned

McNally Robinson
Owl’s Nest Books
Sam’s book is out – PUT IT IN YOUR EYES
Craig DiLouie

Also, Sam and Clare were on Greg’s new podcast, you can listen to them talk about themselves and their creative process here.

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