Episode 6 – How to Bullet Journal & Plan Your Creative Business AKA Inside Joke Black Hole

Ever feel like you’ve been sucked into a black hole of entirely your own making? Ever feel super overwhelmed by your to-do list but unable to not only complete it, but fill up your year in a meaningful way?

BIFF BANG ZOWIE—what if we told you you could PLAN your way out of that black hole?

Fresh off a farmer’s market, Clare’s birthday, and the When Words Collide writers conference, the Business BFFs spend today’s episode talking about one of Clare’s tried and true methods for staying organized—bullet journaling. Sam discusses her own methods, but honestly by the end of this episode she sounds like she could use a new one!

Join them in getting your sh$&t together in style and keep your calendar from consuming you!


Since recording, Clare has gotten a thousand pens for her birthday and thus treats her bullet journal a little nicer. Here’s some pictures of how she organizes her days.

Day by day.

Goals for the year – organized into quadrants – from which I plan my weeks.

All my pretty supplies I got for my birthday! New pens, a pen holder for current colours I’m using, my washi tapes, and file organizers. My desk is much cleaner now!!

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