Episode 13 – How to Pitch the Media AKA Giller Longlist Nominated Editor Writes Press Release; Is Hilarious

Everything I do MUST be important enough that SOMEONE from the local TV station will SEE ME, right?

Uh, not exactly! Clare puts her expensive journalism degree to work for this episode and explains what makes certain stories so compelling, because we’ve all wondered how a journalist’s brain works, right? No, you only want to hear us talk about Outlander some more? YOU GOT IT. Sam elaborates on why tofu is tasty the time-honoured tradition of writing press releases: when you should do it, how to do it, and David Demchuk is a real person, right? Is Sam really a Giller longlist nominated editor, and if so, does that make Clare a Giller longlist nominated eBook coder? No, c’mon now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and dig into the BONE MOTHER of this great topic.

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